It was my great honour to stand as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Reform UK for the Buckingham & Bletchley constituency at the 2024 General Election.

I am an honest, hard-working family man who lives with my partner and my son in Bletchley. I am a former member of the Conservative Party who, like many others, moved over to Reform UK once it was clear that the Conservative Party was now just ‘blue Labour’. They have abandoned true Conservatism and have held back the great potential of this great United Kingdom and its people.

For several years, I have worked in the Funeral profession, serving families in their time of need. Now, I wish to extend this service to my fellow citizens and work for a better future for us all.

Politics has always been of interest to me, and my family has spent many hours debating the events and policies of the day, with anyone who is remotely interested!